My Used Car Sales Lot

Selling my 2019 Chevy Spark and my 2007 Kia Rio5. Listed both on Varage Sale and, if they're still available, you can view details by going to my VarageSale Store by clicking the menu button above. Happy driving 😊

You Be You

How about, "You do You" 👍🥰
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Back to the Med

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Came to the realization recently that I'd better get back to a heart healthy diet if I want to avoid ending up back in the cardiac ward. My weight seems to fluctuate by as much as 40 lbs and right now I'm pushing the upper limit... So I'm heading back to the Mediterranean Diet again, and (fingers crossed) permanently this time.


Walking near Kew Beach in Toronto. Complimented a man on the iris, Martin, who was pruning the gardens near the lawn bowling green. He kindly offered one, and here it is, with a filter applied in photoshop.

Clothing Features, Specs, and Colours

Just uploaded several reference pages of clothing features, specifications and colours available for custom graphic applications by

To view sheets for specific sizing category please click on the appropriate link below:
Adult Clothing
Youth Clothing
Toddler & Infant Clothing

Please contact me directly with any question or custom graphics quotes.

Thanks very much

Bob Rodkin

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Clothing Features, Specs, and Colours